Consent Flow

The diagram below depicts an overview of the flow, taking place during the creation of consent, including who plays what role. BEC's responsibility is limited to the actions happening between the TPP and ASPSP. All parts of the flow except the SCA, which has been depicted below.


The SCA processes are confined to the general national authentication solutions; MitID and NemID.
NemID is in the process of being phased out as a general national authentication solution.


MitID - SCA authentication flows

In relation to consents, the SCA process is confined to the MitID process and is implemented as 2-factor authentication. Upon completion of the SCA process, the PSU will be redirected to the TPP-Redirect-URI if an error occurred, however, the user will be redirected to the TPP-Nok-Redirect-URI.

Please refer to the following document describing the full MitID SCA authentication flows:
Documentation of MitID SCA authentication flows for PSD2 API (v. 2022.11)